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Main Topics of Congress

European and national waste management policies 
Waste Management of the Slovak Republic
Waste management in the Czech Republic
Waste treatment prior to landfilling - legal contex

Circular economy
Why not be afraid of collecting kitchen bio waste in cities?
Intelligent solutions for composting of bio waste from kitchens and gardens
Potential for reuse of construction waste and demolition in cement production
Packaging Recyclability - Circular Packaging Design Guideline

Technical solutions of waste management

Intensification of the waste management in municipality of Trnavá Hora
ELWIS - Electronic waste records in municipal and private sector
Deposit systems for beverage containers – European overvie
What does the concept of refundable deposits for disposable beverage containers introduce from the PROs point of view.
Waste management SR from the perspective of the AssoThe Association of Entrepreneurs in Waste Management 



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